The University has created a unique sports foundation – Sports Palace and Physical Education and Sports Center. They comprise special basketball court, volleyball court, wrestling court, weightlifting hall, boxing, kickboxing, aerobics and fitness gyms, 4 workout facilities, a fitness center. The pride of the University is its Olympic-size swimming pool, an indoor 200m synthetic track (can be transformed to fit 2 tennis courts in the inner part), ice hockey rink with the seats for the audience.

A significant place in the life of the University is taken by sport activities organized by the Sports and Physical Education Club. Physical Education in SUSU is supported by the supervisors of faculties and groups. The students of SUSU are many-time winners of Regional University Spartakiads. At the faculty sport competitions the student compete in up to 20 sports. A separate Campus Championship is also held. The faculties, apart from traditional sports included in the University Championship, organize competitions in cue sports, bowling, rifle shooting, winter and summer biathlon, hang gliding, paintball, and alpine skiing. Combined Racing Championship of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering "Wheel Wizard" was developed into an Open Multi-University Competition. In 2011 a new "Sporteam" project for university teams was launched. The "Polytechnic" hockey team, which was founded 60 years ago, is the only student team in Russia that participates in national championship for non-student teams.

Today, within the development of high priority scientific fields of SUSU as a National Research University, the laboratory of motor skills physiology, "Center of Operational Evaluation of the Human State" which would be equipped with the cutting edge research facilities. The psychophysiological and vestibulometric laboratories provide the opportunities for conducting researches at the same level as the world-leading research centers for medical and biological support of athletes’ training process.

Each year, international and Russian research-to-practice conferences on topical issues in psychological, pedagogical, and medicobiologic problems in physical education, sports, tourism and olympism are held. "SUSU Vestnik" (magazine from the list of Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation) "Education, Healthcare and Physical Education" is regularly published.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport offers high-quality postgraduate and doctoral programs in the following academic disciplines: 03.03.01 – Physiology; 19.00.02 – Psychophysiology; 13.00.04 – Theory and methods of physical education, sport training, recreational and adaptive physical education.

One of the signification directions is the growth of "Athletic Volunteers" movement. Students of the Faculty together with their supervisors - G. Hudyakov, E. Bykov, E. Eliseev, A. Beloedov - every year organize and hold over 10 social and educational projects, including "Successors of the Victory" International Sports Festival, "Chelyabinsk Is a Healthy City", "UNITUR" Junior Tourist Festival, "Winter and Summer Championships for Neighborhood Teams", "Crawlers Race", "Childhood. Beauty. Health" sport festival for the orphanages and boarding schools.